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Manga is the Japanese comics that have been developed and become very popular in today. Manga readers today not only from Japan, but throughout the world. There is already a lot of Manga scattered, but do you know the title of the most sold manga? Here's his review.

One Piece
Top-selling manga title that first was One Piece. This is a manga tells the journey of sea captain spoke named Luffy and its crew were very ambitious to be pirate number one in the world. In addition, the ultimate goal is to find the treasure of One Piece. This comic was created by Eiichiro Oda is a genius because in this manga you can laugh, angry, moved, even to tears. Although a lot of the fight scenes but One Piece menamplikan all the characters who never says rude or inviting elements of murder.

Dragon Ball
This is the first Manga introduced in Western society. Until now the Dragon Ball comic has sold more than 230 million. Goku innocence, fighting style, and foolishness made him one of the most beloved characters.

Until now Naruto manga has sold more than 205 million. Naruto tells the story of a ninja who since childhood desire to become Hokage. Despite having a dim past, but Naruto is always striving to reach his dream without meninggalakn friends. Menga Naruti very successful and can be found in more than 80 countries worldwide. Even Naruto has also been made a spectacular live action movie.

Golgo 13
This is one of the world's oldest manga ever published. Golgo 13 has been published since 1969 hinga reached 177 volumes. Also very fantastic sales figures, reaching 200 million copies. This manga tells the story of an assassin who are usually hired to re-assasinate politicians and mafia. If in the last James Bond movie, then there Golgo 13 manga.

Black Jack
This manga created by Osamu Tezuka and been released since 10 years ago. Until now Black Jack has sold more than 176 kopi.Black Jack tells about the adventures of Doctor Black Jack who often help people who need help, or punishing those who like to punish.

Detektive Conan
Unlike manga in general, Detektive Conan is a manga that can sharpen your brain to always think logically. Genre brought also quite diverse, from an element of mystery, comedy, with action, adventure, drama, and fiction. One of the highlights of this manga is an antagonist character to a mysterious and dangerous. You will be curious and will keep reading until the manga ends.

Last Manga that is sold is Doraemon. This is a manga series created by Fujiko Fujio. This manga tells the story of a cat named Doraemon robot sent from the future adab 22 to help a lazy man named Nobita Nobi. Pda manga first published in 1969 and as one of reconciling Doraemon manga in the world terta.

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