Playground Most inovativ in the World

Playing is the most fun. For children, play is a necessity because the play can train children's intelligence cognitively and emotionally. In some countries in the world, the need for public space is very important and highly considered once. This public space is usually used for children's playgrounds. In addition, the park is also often used to unwind after a hard day's work for them. Usually the elderly are also sitting on a bench to enjoy the twilight. Pentingnga playground make some countries to build a park with very innovative. Include the following.

The Weevos and Evos Fitness Playground
Physical activity for children is needed. This is because children today famous lazy to move. Physical activity by playing outside also help reduce child playing a video game. In general, children's playground consists of a seesaw, slide, or carousel. However playground this one offers a different concept.

Playgrounds this one has a concept of fitness to the means of their game. Children who play in The Weevos Evos Fitness Playground as if he were doing fitness. From here children were trained to exercise regularly. Means tukuan game has its own and is not designed in vain. The goal is for children to establish a balance, agility, and strength.

Harmony Park Musical Playground
The next most innovative playground is in Brazil. This park has a very unique musical theme. Here children can play while learning to use the instrument. A musical instrument that is playable drums, batons, and so forth. So that the instrument can read, children must expend energy, such as by patting. In addition, children can also be run while hanging out and socializing with other friends.

Roly Poly
Parks beramian next is Roly Poly. Children's playground is located in Denmark. Here, children can play while practicing balance. Playground Roly Poly provides a collection of games means Kayi mutually connected to one another. The logs are arranged vertically and horizontally.
Children can walk on the wood and keep keseibangan body. In addition, children can also practice jumping or swinging on the leaves spiral as playing a trampoline. The park is designed to make children feel playing at the lakeside forest.

The Giant Spider and Mushrooms
As the name suggests, has a children's playground, a giant spiders and their webs. Of course, this meurpakan spider toy with giant size. Parks bermaian The Giant Spider and Mushrooms is arriving in Denmark. In addition there is a giant spider, here also can be found slide, decorative LED lights. At night the LED light will light up and shine so as to make the garden look more attractive.

The Fruit and Scent Park
The next children's playground is located in Sweden. The concept of this park is introduce children to the fruit so that they are more like it. In addition, here are also available combs, carousels, swings and so puz-game is a game means that isukai children.

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