Oranges for Health Benefits

Orange is one fruit that has many health benefits. This is because grapefruit nutritional value very much, one of which is a lemon. Lemon juice is rarely consumed in comparison with other citrus fruits, one reason is because the price is relatively expensive. Typically used for the lemon flavor enhancer and mempersegar drinks.

Consuming lemon juice regularly has many health benefits, can prevent various diseases, and can be used as a natural treatment of various diseases. Even many who use diet to lose weight. To find out more, here are some of the benefits of lemons to health.

Lowering the Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack Terken
According to some studies, people who eat a lemon in large quantities and routine can be helpful to reduce a woman's risk of stroke brain. Data from penelititan revealed that the group of women who consume lemon turned out to have a 19% lower risk of stroke than those who ate a lemon. Lemon is also beneficial for reducing the risk of heart attack, This is because the content on lemon jerk can protect blood vessels from cholesterol accumulation.

Preventing Cancer
Cancer is a type of disease that is quite dangerous and very lethal. One of the causes of this disease is due to excessive free radkal adaanya so that it can disrupt the body's systems. Lemon contains lots of vitamin C that works as well menetralisit counteract free radicals that can protect the body from cancer.

Keeping Skin Kesahatan
Lemon contains collagen which is good for health. Collagen is one of the constituent substances of human skin that is affected by the levels of vitamin C in the body. Collagen formation can be better as well as optimal if the vitamin C in nature adequate body. This means that the benefits of lemons are high in vitamin C will be able to maintain healthy skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality.

Prevents Shortness of Breath or Asthma
Benefits of lemon next is for treating asthma and prevent shortness of breath. The risk of asthma can be prevented by taking vitamin C. Studies show that regular group mengomsumsi vitamin C will be less affected premises asthma attacks compared to those not taking vitamin C regularly.

Stabilizing Body pH
Asa and alkaline balance in the body is an important thing that must be considered. Recent research reveals that the body will tend to acidic pH is not good for the body metabolsme. One of the benefits of eating a lemon is to neutralize excess acid in the body. Interestingly, lemon nature asan will be converted into the base when in the stomach. This is what can be used separately to treat heartburn. Additionally, jaruk lemon can also be used to break up kidney stones.

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