How to Apply Internet package Telkomsel Flash Sympathy

Telkomsel is one provider with the most viewers in Indonesia. Even in this digital era of the all, Telkomsel has an important role in meeting the needs of internet connection both for personal and corporate. Telkomsel is preferred by many people because its presence has spread to virtually all corners of the even area. In addition, access to communication, Telkomsel had sympathy, and Ace are offering internet packages for smartphone users.

Sympathy for Flash Package pretty much in demand because it has the speed and stability of large data volumes. Telkomsel Flash Package flas quota can be enjoyed on mobile networks and WiFi networks through flashzone-seamless in all cities in Indonesia since April 2015.
All packages can be Telkomsel Flash Sipati dieli by subscription or one-time purchase only. If the subscription will be automatically extended package when the active period of the package ends. You need to know that the price of the package in every city is different. For that, you can search for information on * 363 #.

Normal Internet Rates Sympathy
How Activation (one time purchase)
• Activation via * 363 #
• Select a package Flash Telkomsel Flash and select option 1. Purchase one.
• Customer mengungu activation confirmation SMS package. If it is accepted it means customers can already enjoy the package.
• Customers can also use MyTelkomsel Apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store, App Store, and BlackBerry AppWorld.
How Activation (Subscribe)
• Activation via * 363 #
• Select a package Flash Telkomsel Flash and select option 2. Subscription.
• Then the rate will be adjusted based on location.
• For renewal rates will be adjusted to the customer's location.
• Customers wait for confirmation SMS package activation. If it is accepted, the customer can enjoy the package. And if it ends it will be automatically extended.
• Customers can also use MyTelkomsel Apps that can be downloaded in the App Store, Play Store, and BlackBerry AppWorld.
Usage Status Checks
To check the usage status can be through * 889 #. Quota package can also be checked by typing the flash <space> information and then send to 3636.
Terms and Conditions
• Only valid for customers Sympathy
• Prices are including the VAT
• Rates charged by location and is applicable only for domestic use.
• Renewal rate package will be tailored to pelnggan located.
• After passing the volume supplied, the customer will dikenakkan normal rate, at $ 30 / 20KB-Rp. 25,000 and Rp 0 / kB-100 MB.
• Quotas and active mas package will accumulate if a customer purchases malakukan same package.
• The speed of internet access with the package and the normal rate can reach 42 Mbps.
All registrations and terms quite easy to do. If you do not want complicated then you are advised to choose a subscription package so pretty one transaction. And if the pulse charging you also want more practical then you can buy it online without the need to go to the counter. One online site that provides pulse sympathy with reasonable price is Here you can make transactions easily, quickly, and reliably as well as a 100% money back guarantee.

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