Fruits Containing Vitamin C Most

Fruits that contain vitamin C is very easy to be found all around us. It makes you do not need to take drugs vitamin C supplements as the body's nutritional intake. Many of the benefits of vitamin C given to the human body, of which is to help the production of collagen that it is important to the formation of bones, teeth, and skin tissue. In addition, vitamin C is also very important to help the absorption of nutrients, maintain healthy gums, emningkatkan immune system, and helps reduce fat and cholesterol. Vitamin C can also win free radicals to prevent cell damage.

Vitamin C can not be produced by a relatively sendri body, for that you have to meet the needs from outside the body through the food that you consume daily. Vitamin C can generally be met through fruits. However, some other foods also contain vitamin C. In addition to fruits that contain vitamin C foods are spinach, peas, cabbage, radishes, peppers, broccoli, and peppers. For men vitamin C requirement that must be met is 90 mg per day, while for women 75 mg per day.
For pregnant women, vitamin C is required per day is around 85-120 mg. Here are some fruits that contain vitamin C is high.

You may often see and feel immediately guava. The bias of this fruit is consumed by way of juicing, or just consumed. Guava there is colored red and white. This fruit is one of the fruits that contain vitamin C was as high as 100 grams of guava fruit contains 228 mg of vitamin C. In addition guava also contain other nutrients that are important for the body such as carbohydrates, fiber, fat, calcium, iron , vitamin A, and vitamin B1.

Lychee fruit is often processed into syrup or certain beverages. Lychee is a fruit that contains vitamin C and has a pretty fragrant aroma. This sweet fruit flavors mixed with a little sour refreshing. In 100 grams of lychee contains 132 mg of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C. It also contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, potassium, phosphorus, favamoid compounds, and polyphenols.

Fruits that contain vitamin C is high enough the next is kiwi. This fruit originated in China, but now many were found in various countries in the world. The slightly sour fruit flavors with vitamin C is very high. In 100 grams of kiwi contains 93 mg of vitamin C. In addition, kiwi fruit also contains other important nutrients seerti vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, protein, carbohydrates, iron, omega 3 and antioxidants.

Papaya is also merupaka fruits that contain high fiber so it is good remedy digestion. Texture of papaya is very soft so well suited for consumption by infants and the elderly. Papaya contains vitamin C is high enough, ie as much as 85 mg per 100 grams papaya. In addition, the papaya fruit also contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fat, vitamon A and vitamin B.

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