Diet Is Right for Blood Type B

Different ways to lose weight are now widely circulated. One of the most popular is the diet according to blood type. As the name suggests, this diet based on blood type a person who wants to lose weight. The initiator of the blood type diet is an expert named Peter D'Adamo, the experts neuropathy is already very well known. He believes that the characteristics of blood type can affect the digestion.

The underlying theory is that each blood group will digest different lectins. Lectins are a type of protein. So if the content of a lectin from food ridak blood type of the person, it will make the stomach to be bloated, substandard metabolism, inflammation, and cause disease.
One of the things that will be discussed this time is a suitable diet for someone with blood type B. Peter D'Adamo divides blood type B diet menu into three categories, which are foods that are beneficial, neutral, and the foods that should be avoided.

Foods that are nertal will be considered as the intake of nutrients in the body. While useful would be considered a good remedy for the body, and the foods that should be avoided would be considered a poison. Here are some foods by category you need to know.

Foods that are beneficial for blood type B
• Vegetables: Carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, and cauliflower.
• Fish: All kinds of sea fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and so forth.
• Processed products: milk, cheese, green tea, and rice cakes.

Neutral foods for blood group B
• Fruits: mango, orange, pumpkin, guava and melon.
• Vegetables: Lettuce, spinach, potatoes, cabbage, and cucumbers.
• Meat: Goats, cows and rabbits.
• Fish: squid, carp, and tuna.
•    Chicken eggs
• Beans: Beans and lentils.
• Processed products: bread rice, rice flour, and butter.

Foods to avoid blood type B
• Fruits: avocados, starfruit, coconut, pear, pomegranate and persimmon.
• Vegetables: Corn, melon and tomato
• Meat: duck, snail, chicken, pig, frog, sipul, lobster and octopus.
•    Eel.
• Eggs: duck, quail, and geese.
• Nuts: Peanuts.
• Processed products: Whole wheat bread, ice cream, water, soda, milk, and alcoholic beverages.

Golonga blood type B diet Sports

In addition to restricting food intake alone, blood type B diet should also be supported by training or exercise for maximum results become. For those who have blood type B, olehraga election should not be severe. Blood type is quite doing moderate-intensity sports such as running, tennis, or hike. Perform the exercise routine three times a week with internsitas exercise 30 minutes each session,

Blood type diet by restricting certain foods usually put a person at risk of malnutrition sepert condition osteoporosis, anemia, or other vitamin deficiencies. If you want to lose weight should rencakan healthy lifestyle right beforehand, and do not forget to exercise regularly according to their respective capabilities. If necessary, you can consult doker or nutritionist beforehand in order to obtain maximum results and safe for health.

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